• The Townhouse 354 West 11th Street New York, NY, 10014 United States

Portraits are what society is all about and the vertical portrait format of upright handheld smartphones (and videos) is telling of a world where the focus is on facial expressions; narrowing all other dimensions. Faces are made, lips are pouted, eyes encircled and enlarged, hair massively afloat, colors wild and screaming. The cosmetic industry is thriving because of these unknown new media partners and is accelerating the pace of new products, new concepts, new faces, and new vision. All aspects are to be changed, all matter is scrutinised, all efforts point towards popular progress. The emphasis is on the constantly new. Therefore a host of new approaches are accumulated in this forecast, to be used to generate traffic and design innovation.

09:30 welcome

09:45 Portraits of Beauty

10:15 Portraits of Color 

10:30 Portraits of Fashion

11:00 Guest Speaker (Beauty Influencers) 

12:00 discussion

12:15 approximate end


*program subject to minor changes 

* filming & photography are not permitted at this event