• The Townhouse 354 West 11th Street New York, NY, 10014 United States

Infinitely small, yet infinitely powerful, the biological world is governed by the smallest particles on earth. A world of wonder where spores and semen, pistils and membranes, fungus and polyps, algae and mosses, bacteria and atoms reign supreme, commanding the survival of species, including ourselves. A complex universe of small particles working in union to get things done, just as new sports propose small movements to get us in shape, moving away from the radical over-cultivation of the body to a finer and leaner form of aesthetic. A gradual building up of our defences and stamina, with particles acting the part with fluttering furs, sticky surfaces, slick coatings and irregular surfaces. This scattered world of porous power with withering heights and weltering downs, are all universes in their own right, delivering their innate beauty to us to be mimicked and intimately understood. 

presented by Philip Fimmano

clients $175 / general admission $250