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GODDESSES: tomorrow’s female archetypes SPRING / SUMMER 2019

The goddess movement is responsible for a turnaround in fashion, which will have profound influences on the way women dress. The days of normcore and streetwise basics seem to evaporate in the face of a revolution in shape and making. The variations in cut, drape and fold are astounding and will give the skills of fashion design back to the professionals, away from the influencers. Editing is no longer the name of the game since brand new pieces will be introduced, able to silence all hash tags. Majestic fabrics and regal colours will lend allure to all women, able to enhance their natural beauty. You are invited to find your own goddess being, taste and pleasure within this trend forecast that will become a style bible for the years to come. (L.E.)


9:00 doors open

9:30 DRY GOODS: Casualwear & Color S/S 2019 by Li Edelkoort*

10:00 GODDESSES: S/S 2019 by Li Edelkoort

11:00 NEW YORK TEXTILE MONTH 2017 by Li Edelkoort

11:20 short break

11:45 SPIRITUAL HOUSE: Home & Lifestyle 2019 by Li Edelkoort**

12:45 approximate end

General admission: $395

Client: $195

(Group admission of 4+: -10%)


*DRY GOODS: Casualwear & Color S/S 2019

A major change is about to occur in the field of design and fashion. Colors will be assembled exactly in the way we cook and blend different elements together, at times with soothing monochromes, sometimes sharp and acidic new contrasts but also with harmonious multiple taste layers. At fashion’s Chef’s Table we will see the delicate detailing of unusual accents, the robust choice of local aromas and the finishing with preserved ingredients. Inspired by the chefs of this world, the world of casual fashions, make-up and interiors will start using hues in a radical new way, introducing advanced knowledge about colors, blending them like never before. Changes in proportion, density and tactility will guide gustative pleasures yet to be born, almost as if we can taste colors!

**SPIRITUAL HOUSE: Home & Lifestyle 2019

In response to a world in transition, the home environment becomes a sanctuary, an escape, a refuge and a comfort. Lifestyle embraces the federation of food, the connection of nature and the celebration of family, friends and pets. The spiritual home is a new domain in which our relationship to furniture, objects, materials and colours will gently shift, promising real change and great hope for the future. A profound search for simplicity, tenderness and humanity will pervade.